“Learn the methods from OUR preschool to create a super peaceful playday with a high and low energy flow.” ~Heather Kamala

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Our brand new monthly Online Preschool Club called YogaRhymes CircleTime grew out of our KiDo Kids School in California.  After 20 years of directing her preschool, Heather Kamala has joined forces with Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers of UNL (University of Nebraska – Lincoln).  Together, Heather and Holly will deliver this movement based curriculum, YogaRhymes CircleTime, as an Online Preschool Club every month.

Our KiDo Kids Yoga system has been loved by children, parents and teachers for over 10 years.  Heather Kamala has spread the love of kid’s yoga and YogaRhymes from Tokyo to Paris and Miami to MexicoWhat are YogaRhymes?   Those catchy poems that teachers recite while doing the yoga poses.  Now you can receive monthly KiDo Kids Yoga video sets right to your email inbox for a fraction of the price of in-person training.  Once you become a member of our YogaRhymes CircleTime Online Preschool Club, you will enjoy the bonding movement with kids and the orginal stories with art, games and songs all month long!

A rich family background of artists, actors and musicians play a big role in the creation of her stories, art, games and songs.  Steeped in yoga as children, her brother, Duncan Wong, went on to become a master yoga teacher who trained Madonna, Sting and many other stars.  In 2005, he asked Heather to create the kid’s division of his system of yoga called, Yogic Arts.

Madonna said, “I love Duncan’s wild style of yoga!” and wild is perfect for children.  Out of Yogic Arts, Heather created  KiDo Kids Yoga.

Their father, famous Asian-American actor, Victor Wong (Big Trouble in Little China, the Last Emperor, etc), raised Heather and Duncan with a creative flair.  Puppet shows, home made dolls and lots of art projects influenced Heather to always allow her imagination to flow.  As a Mother, storyteller, yogi, dancer, costume designer and artist, Heather has found, “preschool curriculum to be an exceptional outlet with beautiful benefits to children”.

Epic Beginnings


"Yes, I will play yoga with my little ones!"

1-10 Song Jump Up

YL.Essential Oils to Calm Children

Card Game YL.EssentialOils & Yoga